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潘師傅購買,翻查資料顯示出產年份大約是1960年代。在本人試寫完後感覺不錯,筆咀具有少少彈力,憑我經驗判斷筆咁應該是EF咀。在洗完筆之後用完裝Mont Blanc墨去試但效果普通,或許是該墨水舊所以較為乾身,出墨量不大,稍後或會轉用Sailor極黑再試寫。


One of the most beautiful pens of the early 60’s, the 72 model is the flagship version of the time. This pen was completely new approach by Montblanc, both technologically with new materials and complete mechanical solutions and redesign compared to its predecessors. Montblanc was offering a life time warranty on this pen when it was originally sold. The 72 pen model is based on the famous model 22, one of the most complex Montblanc pens, with more then 20 parts making the pen. However the similarities end there, the 72 has high grade precious balk resin and a thick rolled gold cap. Perfectly well balanced pen, the heavy cap gives the necessary balance when posted. Black resin shines and its difficult to scratch. Amber yellow ink window providing easy ink level readout. The pen is in absolute mint condition with minimal signs of use, and no scratches, or any cosmetic issues. Slip on cap for fast and secure closure and deployment. The front section is easily removable to expose both the barrel and the entire nib unit, so it’s very easy and convenient to clean and maintain. The pen features a very rare, superb 18K 750 solid gold OF oblique fine nib. The nib is smooth and the paper and non-scratching, semi-flexible, it produced a wonderful OF oblique writing. Montblanc signature stars on both cap and turning knob. The piston is smooth, with its original silicone cork. A true Montblanc Masterpiece.

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72 型號是 60 年代初期最美麗的鋼筆之一,是當時的旗艦版本。與前代產品相比,這款筆採用了萬寶龍全新的方法,無論是技術上還是新材料,以及完整的機械解決方案和重新設計。萬寶龍在這款筆最初出售時為其提供終身保固。 72 鋼筆型號以著名的 22 型號為基礎,這是最複雜的萬寶龍鋼筆之一,由 20 多個零件製成。然而,相似之處僅止於此,72 具有高品質的珍貴樹脂和厚厚的滾金帽。完美平衡的鋼筆,厚重的筆蓋在使用時可提供必要的平衡。黑色樹脂閃閃發光,不易刮傷。琥珀黃色墨水視窗可輕鬆讀取墨水量。這支筆絕對完好無損,幾乎沒有使用過的痕跡,沒有刮痕或任何外觀問題。滑蓋可快速安全地閉合和部署。前部可輕鬆拆卸,露出筆桿和整個筆尖單元,因此清潔和維護非常簡單方便。該筆採用非常罕見、精美的 18K 750 純金 OF 斜細筆尖。筆尖光滑,不刮傷紙張,具有半柔韌性,可產生美妙的斜寫效果。筆蓋和旋鈕上均飾有萬寶龍標誌性星星。活塞光滑,使用原廠矽膠軟木塞。真正的萬寶龍傑作。