About BFBC

BFBC stand for BFB Consulting, the real meaning is B For Boris Consulting. I am the founder Boris Tang who setup this company since May 2006, my target is to using my own company to work on different kind of IT project. The major area covered by BFBC are Web Hosting, IT Programming and IT Project Management.

BFBC IT business are coming from referral, as well as other close partners like Net-Makers Limited and Midas Design Associates Limited, if you’ve any job or project need my help, please submit your enquiry via this 2 companies. If you just looking for a cheap and reilable Web Hosting, you can visit this website https://bfbc.surebillingnetwork.com/

On the other hand I have many hobbies, including Archery, Darts, Western Calligraphy, Football, Lawn Bowling and Stationary collection. In recent year I am fall in love with stationary collection, therefore I convert the BFBC boring website into a stationary information website, I would like to build up the stationary database for Hong Kong people, to share my knowledge on stationary and promoting the local stationary shop.