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潘師傅購買,在去完日本旅行之後探一探潘師傅,見到這一支Stering Sliver,而Mark了Lalex 1938,看來是一支有歷史的筆,於是便買了回來。這支筆的筆咀不是14k而是Iridium Point


Lalex 1938 is part of the Aquila brands group which make high quality Italian writing instruments.

In 1938, Leopoldo Tullio Aquila founded Lalex in Naples. He combined his initials “L.A.” with the later-work for law, “lex” and created a company based on solid principles of honest, and a propensity for technical details.

Lalex 1938 pens are often described as reflecting the form of simplicity. Many of the designs are based on symbolic interpretations.

The success of Lalex 1938 is a reflection of the dedication of its founded Leopoldo. He made the company because of his persistence of presence and and prompt service. Those are two characteristics I still hear as important when I talk to pen stores about whether they will or will not carry a line of pens.

His view on pens was that a pen was not only something to write with, but it can be a precious object for the individual, and also a prestigious gift. Accordingly, he designed a series of pens and accessories have some of the best jewelers in Naples work on the product line. In 1938 Lalex entered the upscale pen market.

It was after the Aquila Group sold Montegrappa to the Richemont Group in 2000 that plans to further develop the Lalex line of pens and accessories took a new thrust. The new lines had materials and colours aimed as expanding the market base.

The Aquila family has a passion towards pens, as evidenced by this quote from Giuseppe Aquila in an August 2005 article:

“If someone is using a pen that isn’t mine I get angry,” says Giuseppe Aquila. “I’m only joking,” he quickly adds, and flashes a charming smile. Giuseppe, along with his father Gianfranco Aquila, owns Italian pen-maker Lalex 1938. While it may be hard to imagine the unfailingly well-mannered Aquila getting really angry, it is clear that for him pens and the family business are no joking matter.

Lalex pens are produced in the Aquila’s Group 1,500 square foot factory near the town of Pastorano which is located 40 km outside of Naples.

In 2009 the Aquila family acquired Montegrappa and there may be some move of their production of the various lines they produce to the factory located in Bassano del Grappa.

There is no website for the company and if you look through various pen sites you will come across Lalex pens listed as pens for sale.